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February 6, 2023

2022 saw a number of fantastic performances for the Housekeeping and Catering Teams within the CAP Award Programme.

One of the most notable features amongst the member teams is their drive and ambition to progress their services. This could be from the very important achievement of delivery at Bronze and then the development of the service further to Silver. It is equally testament to these Housekeeping and Catering groups and the wider industry on their ability to recognise quality and then go on to deliver consistently.

With 2023 up and running at a pace, the CAP community continues to grow – Up 15% in 2022. What can we expect in 2023 – Ultimately, the feedback forms say it all at team recognition, point of motivation, excellence in the service delivery, aiming for progression to the next Award level and care of all who use the service. What a fantastic approach and attitude – Well done to all involved – You Housekeeping and Catering leaders with your teams truly deserve the recognition

Cap Awards
Cap Awards
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