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“It takes obstacles to learn, grow, be better.”

March 7, 2024

As noted during a recent assessment visit, the above quote was posted in the Housekeeping team’s room. On asking the team about the quote, each and every one reeled off a series of examples on using the quote as part of their mind-set to navigate past the daily obstacles. In some cases, this was smarter use plus trial of new equipment, others at the use of humour to defuse a situation and also to ‘open and informative’ communications with the different users of the premises to create a better understanding of everyone’s contribution to ‘Total Housekeeping.’

The ‘team’ voice was very much at thinking how could they work smarter in their physically and mentally demanding role whilst growing the team and being better.

This last point is impressive at the attitude at being better. What were they doing – SIMPLE in so many ways – Each and every one lists any obstacle encountered as part of their overall day. Examples were at poor lighting on arrival at work in the early hours, litter spotted internally and externally, poor access for cleaning, repetitive ‘manual’ tasks that could be mechanised and in effective communications.

Not every solution that they landed on worked such as the trial of the robot window cleaner. As a ‘team,’ they have shown and believe that they have grown and are better. A fantastic testament to their attitude.

What about others? What obstacles have you encountered and successfully over-come? Drop us a line to share.

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