Cap Awards for Education

Forward-thinking schools need a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd and attract the right students. High educations standards and quality of care are paramount. Membership of the CAP programme ensures that students are nourished and educated in a clean, safe environment.

The programme delivers a progressive 12-month accreditation programme to increase quality, hygiene and cleanliness standards. CAP Awards recognises your hard work and cleanliness standards. We know that cleanliness contributes greatly towards making an excellent first impression to students and their families giving you the edge in a competitive landscape.

Our Continuous Improvement Programme raises standards in housekeeping and catering. That quality always gets noticed, so it’s a fast and easy way to make the best first impression for pupils, staff and visitors. Scores of schools are already benefitting.

Join the scores of schools who are benefitting as members of the CAP programme and enjoying the improvement in cleaning and catering standards as well as reducing turnover in their cleaning and catering teams.

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